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Renita Bradley was born in Bristol, TN, the youngest of three, and grew up in the next town over in Kingsport. She loved living in the Appalachian mountains of northeast Tennessee. At the age of ten, she was visiting family in Cleveland, Ohio and was told she talked funny (she thought they had the funny accents, not her).

She has always loved reading since discovering Dick and Jane books in pre-school. She would be found sitting in a chair reading instead of outside playing. Her stepmother introduced her to Danielle Steel books at the age of fourteen, much to her father’s chagrin.

Renita has a mechanical engineering degree with a minor in mathematics from the University of Kentucky. During and after college she worked for the National Security Agency. After a few harsh Maryland winters her aerospace engineer husband moved the family to Florida where she works at General Dynamics as a warhead engineer. They have a teenage son.

Renita writes women’s fiction and romance. She is a PRO member of the Romance Writers of America and belongs to the local Gulf Coast Chapter in Mobile, AL.